Badminton Coach

B. P.ED from Delhi University, M. P.ED from MDU Rohtak
Health Benefits
  • Burn calories (an hour of Badminton can burn approx. 317 - 450 calories)
  • Increate muscle tone and flexibility
  • Increase aerobic capacities
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Working with our young players to make them champions, Coach V.S. Sandeep is associated with Young Star Academy as a Badminton coach. He believes that sports are essential for children not only for their ability to promote fitness, but also in helping promote qualities like team spirit, leadership, and sportsmanship, thus building a strong character.

With a B.P.Ed from Delhi University and an M.P.Ed from MDU Rohtak, Coach V.S. Sandeep is professionally trained to coach young players in the game. His experience as a coach at N.K. Bagoriya Public School gives Coach Sandeep the advantage of having worked with children at a young age.

Coach V.S. Sandeep has to his credit a number of wins at various levels. He has been an inter-college tournament champion thrice and has also participated in the Delhi State Badminton Championship. He has also represented Haryana State Gymnastics Association and secured meritorious positions.

Facts about Badminton Coach -
Inter-College Tournament Champion thrice
Delhi State Badminton Championship
Haryana State Gymnastic Association