Football Junior

Complete Cardiovascular Fitness and Endurance87%
Improve Strength in Upper and Lower Body 33%
Increase Agility and Speed 60%
Improve Reaction Times78%

Football  is a contact sport played in teams and popular in most parts of the world. Unlike other team sports, Football is about all players having the same chance to run with the ball, pass the ball, and play defence. This game needs everyone to participate, and because of that, everyone gets an equal opportunity to participate.

Before you say no to Rugby thinking that a rough contact sport may not be safe for your child, think again! This is one of the few sport that takes into account the highest safety standards for players and also ensures that the head is not a point of contact while tackling.

Our experienced coaches take Rugby coaching very seriously, and understand the delicate nature of teaching contact, and other skills. Our top of the line sporting gear and court make it completely safe for your kids to learn the sport in a professional and controlled environment.


Health Benefits

  • Burn calories (an hour of Soccer can burn approx. 408 – 612 calories).
  • Increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • Lower body fat and improve muscle tone.
  • Build strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Improve coordination.